Laboratory strengthening requires (often major) investments. These investments should pay off.

ISO 15189: Look before you Leap, T. Datema

Building the evidence base underlying laboratory strengthening

DATOS experts, having a scientific background, have a strong interest in performing research feeding into the evidence base underlying laboratory strengthening efforts. As such DATOS not only implements laboratory strengthening activities, we also investigate whether, and how much, they contribute to laboratory improvement and reaching global health targets.

On October 9th, 2020, Dr. Tjeerd Datema received his PhD degree upon the successful defense of his thesis titled: Strengthening health laboratories in low- and middle-income countries through implementation of a quality management system (ISBN 978-94-6416-022-2). This thesis presents and discusses the results of 10 years of research into methods for efficient strengthening of health laboratories through the implementation of a quality management system based on international standards such as ISO 15189 (Medical laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence).

If you'd like to receive a copy of Tjeerd's thesis, please send him an email or contact him through LinkedIn.

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